The Honorable Judge BARBOUR In Osceola County Florida is refusing to respond, says Little Brian

We don’t need your money just a caring heart for justice and your signature . So some one from Washington can look into this case and State. To help them correctly apply law . And  set this young man free.


Mikes help letter


mikes record page 1mikes record pge2

You can send a letter to the judge that says.” when will you tell the state to respond signed concerned citizen ”

Osceola County Courthouse

Hon. Judge Elaine A Barbour
2 Courthouse Square
Kissimmee, Florida 34741


OR   you can simply sign a petition. The white house has stated if 100,000 people sign they will comment on the issue.


One thought on “The Honorable Judge BARBOUR In Osceola County Florida is refusing to respond, says Little Brian”

  1. The Baytown Advocate approached the head of state of Florida and respectively reached out and said .We have some internal problems that need to be looked at for the sake of the state and the ethic records of its employees due to vindictiveness and revenge of one of its county’s. Every time Michael J Rigby{ case # 2010 Cf 0609} out of Osceola county Kissimmee Florida appeal to a hire court he is correct with his findings. The longer they hold Michael J Rigby the uglier it gets . On 11/1/2012 he was sentenced to 22 years he said the sentence was illegal then . They said no its not and put him in the mental hospital for nine months. On 11/4/2016 4 years later he was re sentenced because the 1st sentence was declared illegal by the higher court on 11/4/2016 he was sentenced to 22 years with a *minimum mandatory 10 years * for the charge of Escape out of Osceola County Florida he scored out to 44.4 points.On the same day of his re sentence His older brother was UN-officially charged with escape and was electrocuted for 5 seconds in the middle of the court house lobby and then hogged tied and carried out down the court house steps and placed in a vehicle and transported to the local jail to get processed and charged with resisting. Because after being approached by officers his 5’3 frail body could not withstand the officers linebacker like fueled with furious anger fully legal protocol full of vengeance detainment hold/blow. When the officer made physical contact is when The Baytown Advocate started screaming at the top of his lungs ” Justice4rigby ” . After He bonded himself out of jail they did not let him go. He was transported to the local mental health hospital for a planned 72 hour stay. All of his property was seized again. and he was incarcerated behind walls again in a different form of captivity for the second time within 6 hours. he was told only the doctor has the authority to release the act. And that he would see him in the morning that means he had to spend the night in a nut house . With 22 other ill minded individual’s . The morning came and the doctor was not there it was a nurse practitioner she said she does not have the authority to let him go. But recommended and prescribed a chill pill so he can relax and get some sleep. Another night in the nut house with 22 other ill minded individual’s . In the morning he saw the doctor and explained to him his ill luck of faith and was immediately released . So lets recap On Thursday I fly from Houston Texas to Orlando Florida to be a character witness for my brother Michael J Rigby who was scheduled for a re-sentencing hearing on Friday 11/4/2016 at 10:30. At 10:20 on 11/4/2016 I was detained arrested missed the sentencing and was put in the same jail he escaped from I was then told since I am a out of state resident my bond was double . After paying my bond within 3 hours I was transferred 10 minutes down the road. To the mental health hospital because the same jail my brother escaped from issued a baker act against me right before I bonded out.Friday night I slept in the hospital Saturday night I slept in the hospital missed my flight back home Sunday afternoon I was released. Monday morning I went to the court house to ask about the video of my detainment and arrest . I was escorted by two officers to all my destinations within the court house and was told by the sergeant every time I come to the court house for anything that’s the way it will be for the rest of my natural life. I then drove to the Kissimmee police department to ask why I was being questioned in the court house lobby on 11/4/2016. His verbal reply to me and as written on his sworn police report statement they got a tip that a man wearing a justice4rigby shirt was coming to “ HURT THEM WITH LAW “ So they set up a perimeter at the court house and stopped me from being able to speak on the record and quote Florida statute’s and give my testimony of involvement as I witnessed the usage of a vindictive unethical injustice masquerade of due process of law. I then drove to the Orlando airport . And caught a flight back to Houston Because after experiencing a weekend like that Florida is no longer considered the sunshine state in my book.


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